Bâri”s Battle of Boston

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Bâri”s Battle of Boston: The 1975 Weather Underground Launch Of a.k.a. Barack Obama

Truth can neither be created, nor destroyed.

Tightly binding its nest of lies is a lie fundamental to The “Obama” Conspirators:

The lie that the person who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II” was first photographed for national political purposes commencing at Harvard Law School.

The Truth?

“Barack Hussein Obama II” was off waging war for his Mom’s REVOLUTION! way back when, as a young teen, at the 1975 Weather Underground “Battle Of Boston”.

“Mom” being – amongst her multiple radical political identities – a.k.a. F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke.

To understand a.k.a. Barack Obama, you must understand this: when it comes to her son, a.k.a. Obama’s Mom has always managed to have her way.


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Michelle Obama: “I Will Survive”

America, please, correct me if I’m mistaken, but:

Was Michelle Obama’s Commencement Address at Oregon State this afternoon her swan song to “Barack’?


“I WILL SURVIVE” performed by Gloria Gaynor:

Obama Deserts America

As I watched “Obama’s” latest anti-Constitutional maneuver this afternoon in our sacred Rose Garden, I couldn’t help but wonder. What are many 2008 “Obama” supporters thinking and feeling tonight?

A song piped into my head. Astonishingly, it was released in 1961, the year “Obama” claims as his year of birth.

I want you to tell me why you walked out on me

I’m so lonesome every day

I want you to know that since you walked out on me

Nothing seems to be the same old way

WALK RIGHT BACK, performed by The Everly Brothers

Eric Holder: Bro Joe Wants You To Know ….

Contempt. One word says it all.

Well, Mr. AG, here’s one song that says it all.

If you like what you got, better listen to soul-bro Joe Tex.

Some one’s gonna have your job “before you can count one-two-three.”


Murder At Harvard Law School: A Cold Case File, A Photo Of Obama

What is a photo of Harvard Law School student “Barack Obama” doing with digitally-imposed images of the murder of the wife of his Professor?

And why was this altered photo sent to The New York Times, a few short days before he announced his candidacy for United States President?

Terrible Truth Investigative Report I, entitled

Murder At Harvard Law School: A Cold Case File, A Photo Of “Obama”

is available for purchase HERE.

Mr. Masquerade, a.k.a.”Barack Hussein Obama II”: Only God Can Save You Now

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Malcolm Gone Mad

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