Bâri”s Battle of Boston

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Bâri”s Battle of Boston: The 1975 Weather Underground Launch Of a.k.a. Barack Obama

Truth can neither be created, nor destroyed.

Tightly binding its nest of lies is a lie fundamental to The “Obama” Conspirators:

The lie that the person who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II” was first photographed for national political purposes commencing at Harvard Law School.

The Truth?

“Barack Hussein Obama II” was off waging war for his Mom’s REVOLUTION! way back when, as a young teen, at the 1975 Weather Underground “Battle Of Boston”.

“Mom” being – amongst her multiple radical political identities – a.k.a. F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke.

To understand a.k.a. Barack Obama, you must understand this: when it comes to her son, a.k.a. Obama’s Mom has always managed to have her way.


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Mr. Masquerade, a.k.a.”Barack Hussein Obama II”: Only God Can Save You Now

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Malcolm Gone Mad

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Gimme Something Real: Mario Apuzzo On The Jeff Rense Program Tonight

America, if you’re wondering where our beloved country has ‘gone’, take a look at what the White House is boasting for Today’s Presidential Accomplishments.

“In the evening, the President will participate in an interview with YouTube and Google+ to discuss his State of the Union Address. The interview will be held through a Google+ Hangout, making it the first completely virtual interview from the White House.”  http://blogs.suntimes.com/sweet/2012/01/president_obama_official_sched_815.html

“The first completely virtual interview from the White House.”

Like – wow!!!!

Like – hey man, let’s ‘Google+ Hangout’ tonight with the Prez!

President “Obama” makes valuable history these days, doesn’t he?

Or is something far more strategic at work?

For, perhaps tonight’s ‘historical event’ is the harbinger of The Obama 2012 Campaign’s new strategic direction  – A Completely Virtual “Obama” Reality!

To make virtual birth certificates, virtual family photos, virtual transcripts, virtual maternal passport, virtual Selective Service Registrationvirtual parental identities, and all else that is downright fraudulent perfectly mesh with the “Barack Obama II” synthetic identity!

My, how it all makes sense, doesn’t it?!

Actually, it’s extraordinary!

As of tonight, the “Barack Obama II” synthetic identity is now perfectly appointed with every possible virtual accompaniment.

On this 30th day of January in the Year Of Our Lord 2012, America, it is my distinct disgust yet responsibility to announce:

“Obama” Virtual Reality is officially, fully established.

If you’re as sickened as I am, tonight, set your computer to the Jeff Rense Radio Program.

Attorney Mario Apuzzo will be Jeff’s guest, discussing “Obama’s” Actual Reality. Like his Constitutional Ineligibility for The United States Presidency. The multiple Presidential Ballot Challenges to “Obama’s” eligibility – including what’s transpiring in Georgia.

And the “Barack Obama II” Virtual Birth Certificate. The reality of which has yet to be produced.

Mario is featured beginning at 8PM Pacific / 11PM Eastern at this link: http://www.renseradio.com/listenlive.htm

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. “I’ve had enough thrills, now I need something real” [Ashford & Simpson].

Tonight, please join me as I tune in to a show worth tuning in to: Mario Apuzzo and Jeff Rense. http://www.renseradio.com/listenlive.htm

Let’s cast our attentions upon Two Men Of Integrity Discussing Historical Election Fraud.

As Ashford & Simpson crooned, long before our virtual disaster of a 2008 Presidential Election, “Gimme Something Real”:


‘Professor’ Fred, ‘Eliza’ Bâri′, And Reverend Dr. King

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A Birth, A Death, A Point Of Entry For Evil

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